Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to help the animals of HSCCL but are not sure what our needs are? You may be surprised at the many ways you can help shelter animals!

Hands On With The Animals:

  • Socialization -  Need some cardio? Come walk a dog! Feeling snuggly? Come snuggle a kitten or puppy! Have extra energy or just feel like regressing into childhood for a little while to escape the stresses of life? Come and PLAY! It's not only good for our animals, it's good for you too!
  • Cleaning- OCD? Bored? We can help! Come on down and help our staff clean kennels, scoop litter boxes, clean office areas, do laundry, etc. If you can clean it we would appreciate it!
  • Adoption Events - Would you like to help an animal find it's fur-ever home? Do you like working with the public? Sign up to help us with our off-site adoption events and reap the rewards of helping our animals find safe, loving homes!

Administrative/Customer Service:

  • Social Media - Are you social media savvy? HSCCL needs volunteers to help us post animals on our Facebook page and on Adopt A Pet. This is a great way to feed your internet addiction and help our animals find safe and loving homes!
  • Information Booths - Do you like interacting with the public and spreading the word about how to help animals in need? You are more than welcome to come do so at our off-site events!
  • Office Support - The front desk at HSCCL is a VERY busy place and we need all of the help we can get! We have clerical needs ranging from answering the phones/greeting guests, filling in for the front desk during absences, billing, writing mailers/newsletters and sending thank you cards! Let us know if you can help! 
  • Event Coordinator - Have ideas on events that can benefit the shelter? We have a thousand ideas but could use help implementing them! We have done events ranging from pot lucks to art auctions but are so busy with the day to day here at the shelter that we cannot do these events alone! We need you!
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Do you love people? Are you organized? Will you be willing to help organize, coordinate and staff events with volunteers? If so, we need YOU!
  • Chatty Cathy - Do you like to talk on the phone? Do you like to talk about animals? Even better yet would you like to talk on the phone about animals?!  HSCCL is looking for a few animal savvy Chatty Cathy's to call adopters a few weeks after the adoption has taken place to check in! If this sounds right up your alley please let us know!
  • Grant Research/Writing - Do you have experience writing grants? If not, would you like to? HSCCL needs help researching and applying for grants to help sustain the shelter operations financially. We are more than glad to guide you if you are willing to help!


  • Repair work on Old "Intake" Building. Are you pretty handy? Do you have additional supplies from an old job? Our older building just got a new roof and we want to completely remodel it to make a better environment for the animals. Help us hang drywall, paint and install a new ceiling. We need other things too but this will help us get started!
  • Replace/Repair our fence! Our fences here at HSCCL could use a little TLC. This would be a perfect project for a church group and/or boy scouts group! Fence type and design is negotiable!
  • ‚ÄčInstall a Pond/Water Feature near the HSCCL front door/entrance. A water feature is always relaxing and can provide a sense of serenity as people and animals enter and exit the shelter. Be creative! No fishing though :) 
  • Build a walkway from parking area to office door. Nobody likes to walk through wet grass, well maybe the exception being our four legged friends of the canine persuasion! Come help us keep feet dry and reduce amount of dirt being tracked into the shelter by building a walkway! Be creative! This is a great chance to show off your skills! Mosaic? Paw prints? Hollywood Stars? The path to someone's new best friend should be a beautiful one!
  • Build/Improve pay areas for HSCCL dogs! A playground without play equipment and room to run is just no fun. Let's make playtime an amusing experience for our canine friends! Life at the shelter shouldn't have to be boring!
  • General handyman work. The shelter never stops and we are always in need of someone with a broad skill set that would be willing to help when they can. We have a lot to fix so bring your tool belt!

                   To volunteer, please download/print the volunteer application, fill it out, and mail to the shelter                             (or scan it and email it to info@hsccl.org).