What is "Love on Wheels?"

The goal of Love on Wheels is to reduce euthanasia of dogs at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake by transporting them to areas where demands for adoptable dogs cannot be met.

How does it work?

A local veterinarian sees the dogs of HSCCL for all veterinary care, and helps to find available foster homes. Fosters get to know the dogs, how they interact with other animals, children, etc., then after a few weeks of fostering, the dogs are transported to Helping Hounds Dog Rescue in DeWitt, New York, where they are placed in permanent homes. 

HSCCL always are in need of new fosters for dogs. If you are interested in fostering a dog for 3 short weeks, please e-mail info@hsccl.org, or complete the foster application here.

Here is what to expect from a Love on Wheels foster.

HSCCL pays for all veterinary care to prepare a dog for transport to our dogs in New York. None of that cost is recouped with an adoption fee like dogs that we place for adoption here in Texas. The receiving group receives an adoption fee, but that goes to pay for the cost of transporting the dogs. Therefore, Love on Wheels is completely dependent on donations and grant funding in order to continue. Each dog costs approximately $150 to prepare him/her for transport. We need your help for us to keep this program going.Click here to make a donation today. 

We need your support, and we have made it easy by creating levels of support to fit any budget. It costs HSCCL approximately $150 to send a dog 1,500 miles to DeWitt, New York, and give him/her a chance at a new life through Love on Wheels. That is $1 for every 10 miles. When you sign-up to be a Love on Wheels supporter, we will e-mail you a picture and biography of a Love on Wheels dog you helped to save. At the long-haul trucker level, we will also send you a Love on Wheels t-shirt. Please sign-up today to be part of this life-saving program.

Supporter Levels:

In the PayPal "special instructions," please tell us what size t-shirt you need (Small to XXL)

25 Long Haul - $25.00 USD monthly

50 Long Haul - $50.00 USD monthly

100 Long Haul - $100.00 USD monthly

​150 Long Haul - $150.00 USD monthly

Make a one-time donation:

​​Mile Marker - $15 takes a dog 150 miles down the road.

​​Rest Stop - $25 takes a dog 250 miles to the next potty break.

Hitchhiker - $50 thumbs a ride for 500 miles.

Halfway Point - $75 takes a dog 750 miles - halfway home.

Transporter - $150 takes a dog all the way to his/her new home.

Other Amount - use this link to make a donation of any other amount to help dogs on the road.

The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is proud to participate with the Humane Society of Flower Mound, Texas, in its "Love on Wheels" program. 

Become a Long Hauler and support Love on Wheels monthly

Due to technical problems with the online form, please copy and paste the information below into an email and send your responses to info@hsccl.org or adoptions@hsccl.org and a shelter representative will contact you.

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Are you interested in fostering a dog or a cat?:

Do you currently have pets?:

If yes, are they all spayed or neutered?:

Are they up-to-date on their shots?:

Do you have a fenced yard?

Do you rent or own?

If renting, please provide the name of your complex/landlord and a contact number.

Our foster program is currently undergoing changes.

If you are interested in fostering an animal from our shelter please email: info@hsccl.org